Some revealing data from the 2006-2007 season:

Clippers Overall Record: 40-42

Elton Brand
When scoring 30 or greater in [2006-2007]: 7-2
When scoring 30 or greater [2005-2006]: 18-7
When scoring 20 or fewer: 18-23
When recording at least 15 points and 10 rebounds: 15-15

Chris Kaman
When scoring 15 or greater: 8-6
When scoring nine or fewer: 17-15

Corey Maggette

When scoring 20 or greater: 12-12
When recording 10 FTA or greater: 16-11

Cuttino Mobley
When scoring 20 or greater: 11-4
When scoring 9 or fewer: 7-14

Quinton Ross
When playing 24 minutes or greater: 19-11

Tim Thomas
When recording six 3PA or greater: 11-15

Sam Cassell
When playing 15 minutes or greater: 27-19

*Team records are only for games played by player [i.e. scoring zero points in no minutes isn’t included in team record]

Of Note:

•    Cuttino Mobley is the most decisive bellwether on the roster.  When he scores, the Clippers generally win.  When he doesn’t, they usually lose.

•    When Elton Brand takes matters into his own hands, the Clippers win.  The more often he does that, the better the season will proceed.  He scored 30 points or more 25 times in 2005-2006.  In 2006-2007, he hit the 30 mark only nine times.   

•    It’s not advantageous for Tim Thomas to be a focal point of the offense.  

•    The Clippers miss Sam Cassell.  

Statistics should always be taken with a grain of salt, particularly when multiple variables aren’t taken into account.  But these numbers reflect some interesting dynamics.