To Clip fans concerned about rumors that have  AI coming with Shaun and Corey going -- don't worry your pretty little heads about it.  It's nothing.
Stephen A. Smith has been so busy howling like David Naughton in American Werefolf that he doesn't have enough copy to fill his Inquirer column.  So what do you do?  You manufacture bullshit.  You play fantasy basketball, like you're 10 guys from college trying to stay in touch, throwing crap against the wall hoping the gullible dude in your league -- the one everyone adores but is, nevertheless, the target of every joke -- will bite.

Do you honestly think the Clippers would execute that deal?  Do you think they'd hand over one of five best point guard prospects to come through the league in a dozen years?  Do you think Elgin is at all interested in Iverson's contract? Please. 

Smith's so busy yelling his way to the middle that he's forgotten to work his sources.

It's too bad; Smith used to be a dependable read precisely because of his access to rostered players.  But now, he's just shtick.