The Knicks are so bad it's contagious.  I don't think there are five teams in the league the Clippers could've beaten tonight, but the Knicks are one of them.  I forgot to set the Tivo before leaving for the game, and I've never been so grateful for my negligence.  Can you imagine slogging through any portion of this game again?   The number of misses – on both sides – from inside of ten feet was hellacious.

Some notes:

  • One of the reasons we can attribute to Kaman's ascension this season is that he's learning how to spin away from double-teams.  Basically, help defenders from the perimeter or weak side have been moving off their men to double low on Chris.  But he's been anticipating the double-team -- quickly and decisively spinning baseline, or splitting the defenders before the help guy can fully trap him.  At times tonight, Chris reverted by waiting too long to move toward the basket or pass out. 

  • Welcome to life without Elton Brand. The Clippers continue to get pounded on the offensive glass, as the Knicks grabbed 18 offensive boards.  This tends to happen when your starting power forward records only 4 defensive rebounds in 34 minutes.  Isn't it funny how strong defensive rebounding is one of those things you take for granted as a fan?  For all the aggravation the Clippers have subjected you to over the past several years, you've never had to clinch your teeth at watching the opponent rack up second-chance points.  It's excruciating.

  • For all his failings, Stephon Marbury still has one of the nastiest crossovers in the business.  The rest of his game is stunted and he's become puerile and decidedly uninteresting, $20 shoes aside.   

  • Cuttino Mobley didn't look 100% and you could see it in his post game.  He couldn't execute that spin move off his defender to the hole.

  • The Clippers sagged all night and their crappy defensive rotation left the Knicks with repeated opportunities on the arc.  Fortunately for the Clips, the Knicks went 1-13 in 3PA.  A good number of those were uncontested, most notably the wide open Marbury attempt with 0:44 remaining from the left corner that would've given New York a one-point lead.

  • You can't overstate just how horrible Zach Randolph is defensively, and how little he seems to care. 

The silver lining here was that the Clips got their share of good looks.   I'd rather they see the basket and not finish than not get the shots at all.