Did you know that the Clippers recently expressed interest in moving to Kansas City? 

Neither did I.  But according to KMBC-TV in Kansas City:

[KMBC's Jim] Flink reported that the LA Clippers and two other franchises have expressed interest in the Sprint Center.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review picked up KMBC's story.  For a while now, the Pens have been cited as the professional sports team most likely to migrate to the City of Fountains, or Fountain City, or whatever, so that makes some sense. 

I can't imagine that Jim Flink has any reliable source for the Clippers' angle.  What I can imagine is someone with a sense of humor humoring a local television reporter from the Midwest, dropping the names of some historically embattled franchises for shits 'n' giggles, or just to get the guy off the phone.  What's interesting is that I haven't seen the rumor mentioned in local press here, though it's entirely possible that I missed it. 

Remember, the Clips signed a ten year lease agreement with Staples in the fall of 2004, the same day they waived Trajan Langdon.  The terms of that deal are nearly impossible to find, but if it replicates, in any way, the benefits for DTS of the previous lease, I suspect it's a favorable one.