Since the Clippers now have a very large vacancy in the post, we thought it might be instructive to check in on the naçion's favorite alter-bigman, Sofoklis Schortsanitis, the Clippers' 2003 second round draft choice.  If you haven't paid a visit to Schortsanitis' website, then you're missing the best in Mediterranean sports entertainment.  

It's reassuring to see that prominently on the right hand side of the front page is a soft rendering of Sofo in a red LAC cap.  The best of the site, though, is unquestionably the video section, featuring highlights from Sofo's MVP performance from the 2006 Hellenic All-Star Game set to "Gimmie Some Lovin'," and another clip titled "BigSofo Showtime," which features a range of Schortsanitis moments, including but not limited to a lengthy sequence of the Olympiacos spirit dance team in thongs and Sofo handling some hapless Euromulleted defender down on the block. But the best of the lot is a brand new ad that Sofo cut for greek ice coffee treat, Freddoccino [for easy viewing, you can see the spot on Freddocino's website here].

Clipperblog isn't sure if Sofo Schortsanitis can help the increasingly desperate 2007-2008 Clippers win basketball games.  But after seeing the big guy pussywhipped by a four inch animated redheaded flapper -- doing her laundry, cleaning up her crumbs with a dustbuster, not really minding that she's interrupting his video gaming -- we can say with certainty that Sofo can save the 2007-2008 season for Clipper fans.  We implore the Clippers' front office to pony up the $500,000 to Olympiacos for Sofo's buyout, and bring him and whichever anthropomorphic creatures he needs to Los Angeles.