Since I’ll probably be arriving late (thank you Disney 5YP requirement!) I’m hitting the south-side, coming in through Fig entrance (more spots around Pico / Flower than on the north-side around 7.45pm).   
Agreed that tomorrow is an enormous game: Lone Star Losers, baby!  (Sidenote: did you know that cops are walking into bars and arresting people for public drunkenness in Texas?  This seems very un-American to me.)
First – We’re going to see a very different team from the one we waxed last time at home.  Duncan looks healthier (rather, less gimpy), they’re not coming off a back-to-back (Ginobli looked worn out by the 2nd quarter), and I doubt Nazr / Rasho will be as ineffective.  But we have Corey back at almost 100%:
The Corey Effect – we are starting to see more than shades of his greatness these past couple weeks, and for that I am grateful.  First, I would just like to say to all the Bruce Bowen fans out there – “If you believe Bowen will own Corey, you are retarded, and I may actually hate you a little.”  This matchup is even at worst, Corey + most of the time.  Corey is a monster athlete who will find a way to get his 20.  Offensive end is not my concern at all.
The real question:  how much will Bowen wear Corey down on the offensive end?  If it’s enough to seriously impact Corey’s defensive efforts, I’m worried.  You’ve said it Kev, and I’ll say it again:  Maggette is an underrated defender in this league.  He’s incredible on the ball, and can be great on rotations.  He's so athletic he becomes a stabilizing “glue guy” in our defensive sets.   Q did an amazing job and handcuffed Parker – duly noted. But we were lucky Ginobli was tired and had an off game, and Cassell wasn’t too exposed.  If Ginobli / Parker begin penetrating at will, we are in big trouble – a lot of weak-side / rotation responsibility falls on Corey, and he must step up.
Question to you: what do we really think of Mobley?  Dave and Aya (our Section 38 / Row 1 season ticket holder buddies) can not stand him.  I don’t mind him, but I also don’t see him starting a single game in the playoffs for us (a good thing).