From Lisa Dillman at the Los Angeles Times:

"It is what it is," [Dunleavey] said on Friday. "He called us up, gave us a couple of days' notice through his agent, saying, 'I'm just not feeling like I'm wanting to come in and play. I think I'll send in my retirement papers.'

"It caught his agent off guard. It caught everybody off guard. But like I said, it's better than bringing him into camp, taking a spot, working him in and then having maybe some disappointment."

Bottom line?

"He didn't waste our time," Dunleavy said...

"He's from West Virginia," Dunleavy said. "He could be like Brett Favre. And a month from now he could want to play again."
Dunleavy is from Brooklyn, and presumably everything west of the East River constitutes Appalachia.  Favre is from Kiln, Mississippi -- an 859-mile drive from Jason Williams' hometown of Belle, West Virginia. 

Who knows?  Maybe Williams thought the depth chart at the 1 was too crowded -- ironic since the Clips have resided in Bronsonia for the better part of a decade. But credit to Williams for not stringing the Clips along with a perfunctory showing -- not that Williams has produced anything other than perfunctory results since he left Sacramento. Jason Hart instantanously assumes sole possession of the backup PG mantle.  This could also potentially bode well for Mike Taylor James, who's on a make good deal. 

Dontell Jefferson, Jelani McCoy, David Noel and Curtis Sumpter all received invitiations to Clippers' training camp.  I always felt like Noel could've been a solid pro prospect if he had 2-3 more inches.  He was a defensive gem at Carolina, and I remember him locking up Anthony Morrow, Jeremis Smith and everyone else on the wing for Tech c. 2005 AD.  Still don't think Noel has a pro game, but it would be nice to see him have a good couple of weeks. 

Regarding Sumpter, not sure how I feel about a Vichy player coming into Clippers' camp.  First, Chris Kaman suits up for the Krauts, then the Clips start lobbing invites to collaborationnistes from the Vichy squad.  Next thing you know, the organization will christen the new training facility Phillppe Pétain Court.