All season, we’ve been trying to figure out precisely what is responsible for the Clippers’ demise.  Watching Detroit run its offense on Sunday crystallized it for me: The Clippers have nobody on the floor who can pass the ball.  Think about the Pistons for a second – Billups, Hamilton, Prince, Wallace, Webber.  With the exception of Hamilton, every single one of these guys has a preternatural ability to move the ball, and Hamilton is no slouch, it’s just that his function in the offense is to move off the ball.  When the ball ends up in his hands, it’s generally the culmination of the possession. 

The Clippers?  With the exception of Livingston, there isn’t an average passer on the roster.   Kaman and Maggette are absolutely incapable of delivering so much as an entry pass.  Mobley and Ross can’t even run a break.  Brand, because of his size, has trouble passing out of the post, or finding guys on the weak side.  Cassell, Hart, and Ewing, for point guards, are below average.  Thomas is probably the most adequate passer on the roster.  Think about that reality for a second: Tim Thomas is the best passer on the Clippers’ active roster.  When there’s nobody on the floor who can pass the ball, nobody who’s willing to move off the ball, and only one guy who can create off the dribble – and does so indiscriminately – you get a miserably stagnant offense, and rigor mortis sets in.