• Mike Taylor forced the action in the final minutes of a harrowing, albeit ugly, preseason win for the Clips in Oklahoma City last night. Al Thornton put up nice-looking numbers from the field (8-13) and the line (6-8) -- but turned the ball over five times.  Baron Davis, Marcus Camby, and Tim Thomas all sat out the game.  Cat Mobley somehow managed to go 0-7 from inside of 15 feet.  Other curiosities:  Ricky Davis swiped nine rebounds in 27 minutes.  Paul Davis continues to log quality minutes off the pine -- making life much harder for DeAndre Jordan in the Clips' crowded frontcourt.

  • Jake, an NBA fan from San Antonio, spins a fictional version of the NBA season at NBA on the Brain. Who's the picaresque hero of Prelude 12?  Click here.  

  • A week late on this, but Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post sounds a popular refrain we've heard a lot from Nuggets fans over the years:

    "Denver can be a nastier, more rugged defensive team without Camby, who collected blocks as if they were art treasures but had little interest in doing any real down-and-dirty work in the paint, whether it required leaning on Shaquille O'Neal or chasing Pau Gasol...With Camby, this team was far too passive-aggressive on defense, with a strategy that seemed based on the big center swooping in at the last second to save the Nuggets from disaster. Now, defenders have no choice but to man up and get in the face of scorers. 'We're going to be more aggressive and disruptive,' Karl said Monday."

  • A digital approximation of Eric Gordon off the high S/R. 

  • Chris Kaman amuses Baron Davis. And Baron dubs himself "The Basketball Obama."