The Lamond Murray signing is baffling.  I haven't yet found contract terms nor do we have an idea what kind of role he'll play on the roster, but it seems like handing a roster spot to Murray when the Clippers have rookies that need seasoning is a waste.  Minutes dedicated to Murary are minutes not played by the likes of James Singleton and Yaroslav Korolev, among others. 

I'll confess that I haven't seen Murray play in quite awhile, but I remember him as a lazy defender who, on the offensive end, hung out on the wing looking for the three without doing much else.  His stats dropped off precipitously last season from 2004-2005:

  • 3P% from .438 to .346

  • TS% from 53.7 to 49.3

  • FT% from .763 to .625

  • PER from 13.68 to 10.79

Hell, the guy shot below 40% last season.  Murray has never been much of a rebounder and that trend has continued since he left Cleveland three years ago.

So what we have here is a player of deteriorating talents - behind the arc, from the field, at the free throw line and on the boards.  His paltry defense hasn't improved with experience. 

He must be a great clubhouse guy because why else would an organization brimming with young talent, a team that desperately needs minutes sign a guy who, quite simply, is a minus everywhere on the court.