You want to know the worst Dirk moment of last night’s Game 6?  It wasn’t Matt Barnes dunking on him, or the litany of missed FGAs launched from the Naval Supply Center, or coughing up the ball as he struggled to get out of a trap in the right corner.  Dirk’s least superstarrish moment last night came on the defensive end in the early part of the third quarter when his man, Stephen Jackson, set a high S/R on Devin Harris for Baron Davis.  Davis dribbles right while Dirk…well, it was odd.  He didn’t trap Davis, which had become Dallas’ m.o. in Game 5 and early Game 6.   And you can understand, because (1) Davis can hardly move so blanketing him isn’t nearly the priority it was prior to the hamstring pull and (2) Stephen Jackson was lighting it up from the arc, so only a band of idiots would let that psychopath roll off a screen unfettered.  So what does Dirk do? 

Nothing.  I mean it.  He does nothing.  As Baron moves right and Jackson sets up shop at the top of the arc, Dirk sags back into the lane where Diop has things under control.  Oh, he must be picking up a slashing Richardson off the weak side, right?  Nope.  Well then, Dirk must sense that Jackson is going to work off the dribble?  Wrong again.  In fact, when Davis dishes the rock back to Jackson at his spot, Dirk doesn’t close.  He doesn’t even set himself adequately for a potential Jackson dribble-drive, if that’s what he really thinks Jackson’s gonna do having sunk, like, 7 3PMs. 

Dirk just stands there.   It’s the weirdest thing.  He doesn’t attempt to trap…but he doesn’t switch either.  It’s not a hedge, because he’s put himself in position to guard neither Davis nor Jackson.   It’s a colossal, big, German brainfart.  Like agreeing to the Treaty of Versailles.  Jackson sinks his umpteenth three, completely uncontested, and the bleeding continues for Dallas. 

There isn't a worse crime in the NBA than dispassion, and that's why fans are turning on Dirk.  It's not the losing, or the lousy shot selection, or even the historic nature of the upset.  It's the close-mouthed manner in which Dirk absorbed the blow from GSW.  That's the transgression.