By and large, Clipperblog detests awards.  To quote Woody Allen, "Awards! All they do is give out awards! Greatest Fascist Dictator: Adolf Hitler!"

So in the spirit of Woody Allen, Clipperblog figured it was high time to hand out one of its own: The All-Glue Team.

Hubie Brown, whose understanding of professional basketball is unparalleled among television analysts (if you haven't recently, make some effort next time you're watching a Sunday afternoon ABC telecast to listen to Hubie break down a play; if you've got tivo or a DVR and are an ubergeek like me, use it to go frame-by-frame), often speaks of "glue guys." 

Come July and we have time to break down the Clippers' offseason goals and how they might reach the next echelon, we'll spend plenty of time talking about what comprises a championship roster.  But to give you my simple theory in ten words or less:

Three scorers of diverse talents, a shut-down defender, a sparkplug off the bench, and four glue guys. 

That's, like, eighteen words?  My bad.

I realize that still doesn't answer the question, "what is a glue guy?"  For that, I refer you to United States Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart who, when asked his definition of pornography, replied, "I know it when I see it."  

The All-Glue Squad

F          Bruce Bowen
F          Robert Horry
F          Mo Peterson
F          Shane Battier
F          Gerald Wallace
C         Ben Wallace
C         Jeff Foster
G         Sam Cassell
G         Jason Kidd
G         Eddie Jones
G         Antonio Daniels
G         Eric Snow

Of course, Steve Nash is the ultimate glue guy - this year's Phoenix team being his finest mosaic yet.  Who else could've brought Marion, Diaw (at C), Thomas (first Kurt, then Tim), Raja Bell and James Jones together to contend - no matter what the outcome of this series against the Lakers may bear out?  Tim Duncan, too.  But it seems silly to call MVPs "glue guys." Isn't that what makes the ‘P' MV? 

All of the players above fall into the "wily veteran" category (I guess Battier is still a youngin', but he's a born veteran).  The team below - The Glue Sticks - is composed of younger guys who are emerging as significant role players or players with a quick learning curve for the pro game's nuances. 

F          Quinton Ross
F          Ryan Gomes
F          Nick Collison
F/G      Mickael Pietrus
F          Luke Walton
F          Josh Childress
C         Primoz Brezec
G         Josh Howard
G         Kevin Martin
G         Devin Harris

Let the lambasting begin...