• Free Darko's Big Baby assembles a sublime menagerie of great basketball archetypes. It must be seen to be believed.

  • Per John R., check out Chad Ford's Daily Dish podcast with Coach Mike Dunleavy. 

  • According to the trusty Pro Sports Daily's NBA Rumors, today, by my count, is the first since opening night 2004 that Corey Maggette hasn't been mentioned in a trade rumor.  Remember that you've heard it here: Corey's contract is far too valuable for the Clippers to move.  At this juncture - assuming that Corey will logically opt out after next season - the contract is reasonable in both dollars and years.  Barring a meltdown in the locker room, it's not going to happen before Draft Day 2007.  Though I did hear one rumor this morning that Corey was headed to Burma in exchange for the unconditional release of political dissident Aung San Suu Kyi.

  • As alluded to in the previous post, the Clippers' efficiency stats are exactly where you'd expect them to be.  The team excels in overall defensive efficiency [8th in EFF, 9th in eFG], with a low forced turnover rate [a stat I find more reflective of a team's philosophy than its ability].  Offensively, the Clips are struggling in overall efficiency [19th in EFF, 25th in eFG], but are excelling at keeping turnovers low [9th], working the offensive glass, and getting to the line [7th].   Some random stat facts for you:

    Corey Maggette is third in the league in free throws made per shot attempt.
    Quinton Ross is the least turnover-prone player in the league by a startling margin.

    Shaun Livingston is now 10th in the league in assist ratio. 
    The Clippers usage leaders are Cassell, Maggette, and Brand - in that order - with Brand much, much closer to 4th place Tim Thomas than to Maggette.