From Art Thompson III at the OC Register

Although the Clippers have not made an official announcement, Hall of Famer, Laker legend and NBA icon Elgin Baylor no longer is performing his duties as the team’s vice president of basketball operations and general manager.

“There’s a dispute going on,” Baylor said. “My attorney advised me not to discuss it.”

A NBA executive contacted Tuesday afternoon said he had been told that Baylor no longer was performing his job. Reportedly, legal representatives of the Clippers and Baylor are engaging in dialogue.

It is not known if Baylor resigned or was relieved of his duties. However, suspicion arose when the 74-year old Baylor was not at the Clippers’ new practice facility when training camp opened nor was he listed in any way in the team’s preseason media guide.

Thompson alludes to the fact that Mike Dunleavy has assumed the vast majority of GM duties in recent years, which means that Baylor's departure would have little effect on the franchise's overriding philosophy.  Still, this would be a watershed moment in Clippers history.  Baylor came aboard 22 years ago as VP of Basketball Operations, and has been a constant in the franchise's embattled history.  His tenure as Clippers' GM has been an unfortunate departure from his career as one of the greatest players in the game's history.  As the public face of the Clips, he was a fixture in Secaucus each spring and, fairly or not, a punch line.  Few will ever know if Baylor was a helpless victim of a miserly owner, or a true incompetenet incapable of evaluating talent or executing the most basic of deals. 

Stay Tuned.

UPDATE: Per the LAT, Mike Dunleavy will now formalize his role as General Manager -- a job he's held unofficially for a while now by most accounts:

The Elgin Baylor Era is over.

Which means Mike Dunleavy will be the team's general manager, the Clippers coach said Tuesday afternoon.

"Basically, the team came to me just recently and said that Elgin was retiring and they wanted me to assume those duties," Dunleavy said.

Baylor had been the team's vice president of basketball operations since 1986. Neil Olshey, the team's director of player personnel, will be the assistant general manager. Team officials were not available for comment on the details of Baylor's retirement.