One of the great features of a blog is the ability for people with commonalities -- a political bent, a favorite team, a shared interest -- to communicate with one another.  Andrew Sullivan, in this month's issue of The Atlantic, describes the blogger as "the host of a dinner party" whose function is "to provoke discussion or take a position, even passionately, but he also must create an atmosphere in which others want to participate." [emphasis mine]. 

Over the past year or so, the atmosphere in the comments section at Clipperblog has been less than inviting.   I've tolerated it because I fundamentally believe that comment sections of blogs should be policed sparingly.  But I also know firsthand that the rancor has driven smart, pleasant posters from the fray.  This means that the discussion has suffered, and that Clipperblog is a less interesting place to spend time.  And that concerns me. 

Since we're only 48 hours away from the start of the new season, I feel the need to make a request -- not a demand, but a request.  It's a pretty simple one: 

Keep it civil.

By all means bag on Chris Kaman when he deserves it.  And feel free to debate other posters on the value of Corey Maggette or Marcus Camby.  But personal attacks on other posters and general baiting don't belong here.

Thanks for understanding. 

Carry on...