From Ric Bucher via Seattle P-I:
ESPN's Ric Bucher is reporting that the Sonics have traded down to the seventh pick with the Los Angeles Clippers and will get a lottery-protected pick in 2009. More details to come.

If this rumor is true -- and the first three picks go as anticipated -- the Clippers would have their choice of the troika of combo guards: Bayless, Gordon, Westbrook.

UPDATE: Looks like it's Chad Ford with the news.  He reports:

"With the No. 4 pick, expect the Clippers to take Eric Gordon of Indiana. They've coveted him as the type of dominant scorer that they've been looking for."

Clipperblog disclaims that, of the five top guards in the draft, it's least familiar with Gordon's game.  But it's worth noting that Gordon was projected as a Top 3 pick going into the 2007-2008 season.  He was then sidelined by injury at Indiana but has reportedly -- and apparently -- upped his stock during workouts over the past couple of weeks.  Having said that, I prefer Bayless and Westbrook.

UPDATE: Though there's no confirmation of the overall deal -- much less the finer points -- we have to assume that, as the initial report suggests, the 2009 pick the Clips are dealing to the Sonics is lottery-protected.  The thin margin between Gordon/Bayless/Westbrook certainly doesn't warrant much more than a mid-first rounder.

UPDATE: Ford is backing off the report, citing that there are "disagreements over the details have apparently ended discussions for now."

If your preference is Bayless or Westbrook, this could be a blessing.