...and it's from that yenta of NBA notes columnists, Peter Vecsey , so you should probably discount it --  

As of this moment, Corey Maggette appears to have accepted his duel Clipper role of compulsive scorer as either a starter or sixth man, depending on how he's defending. Sources say at end-of-the-year meeting between Mike Dunleavy, Maggette and his agent cleared the air: There are no trade demands, the coach has the utmost respect for the player's offensive talent, and Maggette will do his best to improve on the other side of the ball.

Provided it doesn't prevent from Clippers doing the right thing with Kaman and Livingston, I'm growing more uneasy with trading Corey.  I still think that Corey won't finish his contrct here in Los Angeles, but the idea of the organization getting fleeced for Corey just for the sake of dealing him is insane.  There's got to be some measurable value in return. 

Trapp brings up a good question -- what's the offseason wish list item for Dunleavy?  For me, it's this:  

In the halfcourt, Miami runs this stack on the weak side for Wade with Shaq and Udonis.  We saw it a lot in both the Chicago and Detroit series.  Wade starts in the corner, then steps back to receive the ball, then explodes baseline below the big guys.  There's no way he can be defended over that double-screen.  It's quite brilliant. 

How does this relate to Dunleavy?

What it says is that good coaches are creative with size.  It's more than just a means for high-percentage shots.  If applied correctly, size can totally scatter a defense -- not just overpower it. 

More offensive diversity next year.