• Having to watch elaborate Sportscenter and in-studio segments on how the final four sports in the Eastern Conference bracket is going to play out is like going to the best restaurant in town and spending twenty minutes mulling over the bottled water list.  Is anyone under the impression that any of the 5-8 seeds will win more than two games in their respective series? 

  • I know that Luke Ridnour is cute and cuddly, that he grew up in Whatcom County and went to school down in Eugene; I know he's a good citizen, but is there any system in the basketball galaxy that favors Ridnour over Earl Watson?  Is there anything on the floor that Ridnour does decidedly better than Waston (and don't say shoot, because whether it's FG%, 3PFG% or TS%, Watson's numbers are better across the board)?  Is there a more pronounced defensive disparity in the league at point between a starter and his understudy (well...maybe Sam Cassell and Shaun Livingston...maaayyybe)?   Has there ever been a team in worse need of a defensive stopper on the floor than Seattle? 

Will the Grizzlies intentionally try to lose its game Tuesday with the Los Angeles Clippers? By all accounts, no. To know coach Mike Fratello is to understand his passion for winning, especially as an underdog. He'd probably pull for the smallest ant in an ant race and roar when the little sucker pulled ahead. It would be shocking if Fratello limited Pau Gasol's minutes or did something obvious to diminish the Grizzlies' chances of winning a game. For now, it seems as though the Griz are more intent on finishing the regular season with confidence and a winning streak, based on their past failures in April.

No...after you...no, I insist...no I insist. 

I can't believe they won't be televising this thing locally.  It almost makes me want to spring for two days worth of NBA League Pass. 

[10:58 a.m. -- Apparently, KTLA has added the Memphis game.] 

  • Simmons insists that Iverson is a "[m]ortal lock to be playing somewhere else next season."  I have no reason to doubt him, but this prompts the question - where would Iverson fit?  Would the Sixers swap Iverson's salary for Philly native Eddie Jones' $15.7M expiring contract?  Would Jerry West roll the dice?  Is there anyone in the west who'd want a piece of the Iverson-Gasol Grizz?   The Pacers would be an interesting fit, but they don't have salary to swap. 

Then again, you just know that all roads lead to MSG.  If you put Billy King and Isiah Thomas in the same room, I'm sure they could work out something...unspeakable.