Andrew Kamenetzky has a nice summary, with embedded sound bites, over at SportsHubLA:

Camby expressed numerous times his enthusiasm at the notion of teaming up with Davis, Chris Kaman, Gordon and Al Thorton, whom he described with a laugh as”very aggressive offensively”). There are issues, however, with the deal itself, a blatant salary dump which Camby received warning could be on the horizon. After playing six seasons in Denver, the veteran C/PF believes a little more respect was in order and hasn’t gotten over that sting.

The chuckle over Thornton's game is a funny throwaway. 

Kamenetzky reports, "Camby - seen by his new coach as more of a high post guy offensively - will likely man the power forward spot, the incumbent Kaman remaining at center."  That sounds about right.  I've been surprised by the number of suggestions we've heard that Kamen and Camby are redundant somehow.  Watch both guys play and it's clear they occupy entirely different roles in the halfcourt -- both offensively and defensively.