The Clippers still have no idea who they'll put on the floor to open the season Wednesday night.  From Lisa Dillman at the LAT:
...for Clippers Coach Mike Dunleavy, it's down to two options and all about one $65-million point guard.

"We've pretty much got Plan A and Plan B, right?" Dunleavy said. "Baron plays or doesn't play."

That remains the burning question hanging over the Clippers, and Baron Davis' status wasn't made much clearer after Sunday's practice. Davis, who continues to wear a splint on his sprained left ring finger, and Tim Thomas (strained groin) participated in some aspects of training but were kept out of anything involving contact.

There are other concerns. Marcus Camby (bruised right heel) is behind Davis and Thomas in terms of progress and didn't play a minute in the preseason. His appearance in any of the games this week would be a genuine surprise.

This was the grand fear, wasn't it?  That the Clippers' roster -- ripe with talent -- would fall victim to a combination of nagging injuries, grievances, and uncertainty.  For a team that, for all practical purposes, is still wearing name tags around the training facility, it might be helpful to complete a single full-contact practice in unison before the season starts.

Just saying.