Deadspin was all over this story a couple of weeks ago, when the monstrosity hit eBay.  I'd forgotten to follow up to see what the winning bid was.


Reports are that a sample of Kenny Norman's earwax went for $110 and that the Red Sox jersey Howie Mandel used to wear around St. Elsewhere fetched $325. 

Why haven't I offered any comment on Tuesday night's preseason game at USAC?  Well, there would've been plenty of material had I seen the game or even some general morsels of insight had I heard the game on radio, but unless you get KTAR, there wasn't any live coverage.

So I went to dinner. 

What can we glean from the box score?

Oh, you know -

  • The Clippers turned the ball over 20 times. (bad)
  • Shaun went 7-9 from the field, hitting 3-3 from 16 feet and beyond. (good)
  • Maggette was still a monster on the boards, 12 rebounds in 23 minutes. (wowzo) And the team in whole dominated the glass (LAC 50, PHX 31)
  • With questions about how much he refined his outside shot, Quinton Ross hit 5-6 from the field, 2-3 from 16 and beyond. (good)
  • Clippers recorded only 11 assists, not enough for a team that racked up 38 FGs. (bad)
  • 3PFG still weak, 1-6 beyond the arc. (cause for concern)

But without visual, or even audio, aids, this stuff merely exists in a vacuum.  I'm TIVOing tonight's game at Staples and will have some pedestrian, overstated observations tomorrow - and even more so after I attend Saturday's barnburner against Seattle where the whole world will see Bob Weiss roll out his new Robert Swift sets.