The Association is not the NFL and it sure as hell ain't hockey.  So, before this shit gets out of hand, can we agree on a few items?

  • You wear white at home and solids on the road.

  • If you are the Los Angeles Lakers or have gold as one of your primary colors, you may wear gold at home. Ideally, it would be only the Lakers - douchebags have earned it - but Indiana, Seattle, Atlanta, go right ahead [but know, ATL, that you look like a hot, not a showboat...a fucking frankfurter, okay?].

  • For shits 'n' giggles, you may rock the occasional "alternate jersey."

  • And throwback nights are fun, provided they're kept to a minimum.

While we're discussing fashion, Heat fans can officially put the christening gowns up in the attic.  If you want the camera view from the top American Airlines Arena to look like an aerial shot of Masjid al-Haram during Hajj, that's your call.  But it looks goofy.