No Wilcox last night, and his status for tomorrow is still uncertain.  A lot of Weezie loyalists here have been bemoaning the trade with Seattle since it went down and are quick to post Wilcox stat lines the mornings after he turns in a monster performance with Seattle's open-court, no defense style of play. 

I know Hollinger likes him - and I'm usually with the numbers and APBR guys on most stuff -- but I saw enough evidence to suggest that Chris, as John once brilliantly put it, is never where he's supposed to be on a basketball court. 

With a team that runs a helter-skelter offense that offers plenty of opportunities on the break, Wilcox is a nice piece to have.  But the Clippers have emerged as a decidedly half-court team that needs precision from its role players on both ends in order to flourish.  Guys needs to realize when they're been switched out on; they need to instinctively know when to yield the paint to their bigs, when to close out on opposing guards, when to give up on a play if they're a big man who happens to be caught up top. 

Wilcox couldn't grasp any of these nuances in the half-court pro game, and that was demonstrated time and time again here in Los Angeles.  Could a superior coach have found a better use for Weezie?  Maybe.   And I'd like to see him succeed, but at the end of the day, he's a 4 and has demonstrated an inability to thrive anywhere other than the power forward position. 

And so long as we have this Brand guy, Wilcox would never have gotten more than eight minutes a game at PF.  Those who can't plainly see that -- no matter what kind of sick numbers he's putting up in Seattle, Wilcox is a guy who'd never realize his potential as anything other than a backup in the Clippers system that already has a two-headed monster down low -- are baffling to me. 

I also subscribe to the idea that once you get past your top three scoring options, the way to win titles - Association, conference, division - is not to keep adding scorers, but to go after a bunch of glue guys.  The Bowens, Bobby Jacksons, Horrys, Kerrs and Clifford Robinsons.  Quentin Ross is one of those guys; Sam Cassell is one of those guys; James Singleton could become one of those guys. 

Chris Wilcox? 

Not one of those guys.  

So best of luck to Weezie; he's an ACC man and I hope he keeps putting up monster lines with the Sonics.  Maybe he can put together a Thurl Bailey type career.  It would be nice to see.