It’s not every night you’re treated to a Dan Dickau v. Eddie House matchup.  My favorite since Charlie Criss v. Don Buse.  It’s sort of basketball’s equivalent of a game of tic-tac-toe.  It’s not that either player doesn’t bring instincts to the game, but it’s all just so pointless.  And it’s painful for non-participants to watch.

When you’ve been following a decimated team that has to field a starting lineup that includes both Aaron Williams and Brevin Knight, it’s almost jarring to see a team come into the building with four guys on the floor who can create.  The irony, of course, is that when you have that collection of individual firepower on the floor, you don't have to isolate.

Boston builds its lead tonight exploiting mismatches all over the place.  Kevin Garnett gets a couple of early buckets after drawing Corey Maggette off a high screen from Paul Pierce.  Apart from that, Garnett is setting up everyone.  At [1st, 5:01], he gets between Brevin Knight and Rajon Rondo in transition, leaving Rondo against Aaron Williams.  The instant Williams steps back in confusion, Rondo launches an easy 18-footer.  Garnett does exactly the same thing at 2:32, cutting Knight off from the play again, which leaves Rondo plenty of space for another 18-footer.  In both the second quarter and early in the third, the Celtics abuse the Clippers in transition – easy layups by Rondo and Posey, a quick jumper for Allen off a feed, etc.  In the halfcourt early on in the third quarter, the Celtics twice draw the Clippers to the strong side, but leave Paul Pierce out on the weak side perimeter.  When Corey is slow to recover, Pierce sinks both open 3PMs -- the second of which gives the Cs their biggest lead at 13.  Soon after this, the Celtics put together a 14-0 run.  The first 11 points are scored either on layups, dunks, or 3PMs. 

John and I try to figure out if any of the nine guys suited up for the Clips has an average-to-above-average game.  Knight goes 5-7 from the field, but can’t get the ball to anyone all night.  

[4th, 9:07] Someone want to tell me how a team down 22 points gets whistled for a delay of game warning?  Is anyone in the officiating crew under the impression that the Clippers want to extend the game longer than absolutely necessary?