Here's an interesting exercise, Naçion members...

The Los Angeles Clippers average 94 possessions per game.  Of those 94 possessions, about 13 result in turnovers (though a good number of those are offensive fouls).  So let's say, hypothetically, that the Clippers get 85 possessions per game that don't result in a turnover of the bonehead variety. 

Very generally (forgetting the imperfection of said exercise), how are you allocating those possessions? 

How many shots for Elton on an average night (keeping in mind that a trip to the line qualifies as a possession, though an offensive put-back doesn't count as a new possession)?  Chris Kaman?  How many times should Livingston attack the rim or post up the smaller PGs that inevitable guard him?   How many possessions do you reserve for Cassell PUJITs?  If you, like Trapp, believe that Maggette is the "better player" on the wing and should be a cornerstone of the offense, how many of these 85 possessions are his?  How many sets do you run for Vlad to get him an open look (and, as Justin often notes, Vlad needs plays run for him)?  What about Cat, who averaged 13 possessions per game this season?  The Naçion has been hankering for Singleton to see more minutes - so how many shots?   And Q is going to have some great open looks off the Brand double-team that he'd be foolish not to take, shots he's been drilling with proficiency and that he needs to shoot to keep the defense honest.  How many?

Please show your work.