Regarding LeBron last night, passing out was the right play.  I don't believe that a possession in the closing seconds of a game should somehow be subject to different criteria than it would an hour earlier.  In other words, if kicking the ball out to a wiiiiide-open D. Marshall is the right play with 5:37 left in the second quarter [in a hypothetically identical sequence], then it's the right play in the closing seconds.  To say otherwise would be like hitting on 16 against the dealer's 5 because, well, you're down to your last chip.  You'd never do that [provided you're a by-the-book player who wants to lose as little money as possible at the table]. 

The goal of a basketball possession is to get the highest-percentage shot on the court.  Does anyone deny that Marshall's shot was the better percentage play?  If you played that set 20 times -- LeBron throws it up 10 times and Marshall shoots that open shot 10 times -- who will have more points at the end of the exercise? I thought so.   

I realize that a LeBron FGA in that situation appeals to the mythological, but if we're talking about winning basketball games, other factors have to be taken into consideration.  I'm a little incredulous of the star-worshipers who believe otherwise.