We tend to look at a team’s positional draft needs, which means we often ignore what a given squad needs in terms of skills.  Anyone who has watched the Clippers over the past few years should be able to tell you that the Clippers pressing need isn’t a point guard a or a small forward.  

The Clippers need a person – at any position – who can pass the ball.  

I’m not talking about a point guard.   Phoenix, Utah, Golden State, and most Phil Jackson teams have taught us that wings and big men who can pass will compensate for a lot of other shortcomings.  None of the Clippers’ best seven or eight players can reasonably be called an above-average passer at his position. 

We spend a good deal of time around here complaining that the Clippers’ offense isn’t creative enough.  But you know what?  All that pretty stuff that teams like Phoenix run?  It’s all predicated on the notion that your personnel can pass the ball.  Just as a team’s offensive options are limited in a possession if it can’t shoot the ball, the Clippers can’t do a lot of things they’d like to in an offensive set.  You can’t make braised short ribs and polenta with ground sirloin and instant grits. 

Draft Breakdown starts tomorrow.