The Associated Press is reporting that Chris Kaman is questionable for Game Three tomorrow night in Denver. 

Needless to say, this is as debilitating to the Clippers as the Martin loss is to Denver. Rebraca has looked disoriented and gimpy; Vin Baker is no match for Camby; I think you have to go with Waltah. Justin brings up the point that Camby doesn't play with his back to the basket.  But the problem isn't so much on the defensive end as it is on offensively and on the glass for the Clippers. Kaman's absence allows Camby to provide full-time help on Elton because Waltah offers nothing in the way of post presence and is a lousy rebounder.  We sometimes forget the Vlad is 6'10" and it's not outrageous to think that he could be the replacement; this would allow the Clippers to spread the floor a bit, which may create a bit more room for Elton to work.  But it's risky on the defensive end, because the Clippers are already getting killed on the defensive boards - something uncharacteristic of the Clips, but a reality of the series. 

So Daniel Ewing is the odd man out? 

Stay tuned.