How surreal is it that there isn't a team less engaged in this year's NBA draft than the Los Angeles Clippers?  That there isn't a roster less hospitable to an incoming rookie than the Clippers'?  That the Clippers' War Room might as well be the Slurpee nook at your local 7-11? 

A lot of pundits/rumor-mongers have suggested that the fireworks of this year's draft won't be the picks themselves, but rather the trades that materialize.  But other than Corey Maggette, there doesn't seem to be a player on the Clipper roster that's a candidate for a deal - and Elgin Baylor doesn't seem ready to consider offers on Corey until after July 12 when free agents can begin signing with teams. 

So this afternoon we should hear nothing but chirping crickets from the Clippers camp. 

Having said that, Justin Lester and I will be blogging the draft for your edification. Justin is a dude with a college basketball pedigree so polished (Lexington KY-raised, Duke-graduated) that it would make John Thompson, Jr. blush.