Dramatic Irony reigns in Los Angeles

AMBERGRIS CAYE, BELIZE --- I didn't see the game, don't plan on watching the game when I return, and am grateful for not having to see Tim Thomas lead the team in FGA.  J.J. Adande does a nice job this morning of juxtaposing the absurd timing of the extension against the Clippers' dire need to shake themselves out of their stupor --- even if it means igniting a powder keg by acquiring some combo guard from Philadelphia.  

There's absolutely nothing to suggest that the Clippers are anywhere near the front of the pack for Iverson, assuming they want him here at all.  But I find reports that Dunleavy and Baylor lack interest in AI because he doesn't mesh well with the Clippers' style of play to be confounding. 
 What style of play is that, gentlemen?  Rigor Mortis of the Halfcourt? 

If the argument is that trading away Shaun Livingston is a bad long-term play, that the Clippers have a better chance of winning in the future with him than they do winning now with Iverson, then I understand.  I'm not entirely convinced, but I can easily entertain that argument.  But spare me the notion that the Clippers' "style of play" is something to be safeguarded.  Mike Dunleavy may excel at a lot of facets of the game, but a stylist he's not.