There's always an inclination to soft-pedal praise for a win against a sorry lot like the Pierce-less Celtics, and rightly so.  But Al Jefferson came into tonight's game averaging 19.8/12.0 over the last five games, and has broken double-digits in seven of the past eight.  The Clippers --- and Kaman and Elton in particular --- did well to hold Jefferson to 4-16, 10 points, even if he was a brute on the glass.  Four of Boston's first eight possessions resulted in a Chris Kaman blocked shot, and three of the four were Jefferson's.  With Thomas and Brand filling it up on the offensive end, the Clippers danced out to a 25-9 lead.  The C's mounted a disturbing 19-4 run --- 8 of the 19 points Tony Allen FTMs --- before Daniel Ewing banked that circus shot to end the first.    

From there, the Clips built a steady lead, taking full advantage of a wretched Boston defense.  Not to pile on Jefferson, whom I haven't seen play a hell of a lot, but I expected him to be a more imposing defender.  How can a guy who looks like that, who can muscle a rebound away from anyone, give up so much on the block?  Gerald Green has quicks, but doesn't give them much, and Ryan Gomes was utterly hapless against EB, forcing Doc Rivers into a zone earlier than, I suspect, he wanted.   

Thomas nailed his wide open looks and Kaman appeared about as confident as he's looked all year.  Chris was in his "Don't think, Meat; you can only hurt the ballclub" mode tonight.  The fouls are still troublesome and I know he missed six shots, but three of those were from outside the key and two more on that tipin sequence that started the game.  I'd prefer Chris hit from 12 feet and beyond, but if ever there was a night to test his range, this was it. 

Since we won't see Sam for who knows how long, it's nice to see D. Ewing earn some minutes.  He airmailed a couple of lousy passes against the Boston press, but his mid-range shot is there and he wasn't reluctant to take it. 

This was the game the Clips should've played against Toronto last week - efficient, merciless, and angry.  That's how you're supposed to greet weary, shitty Eastern Conference teams on the second night of a back-to-back.