The Los Angeles Times has the story.

Corey is currently the longest-tenured Clipper -- coming over from Orlando during the Clinton administration.  Eight years is a long time for an athlete in his prime to remain on any roster.  Where could Corey end up? 

Only the Memphis Grizzlies and Philadelphia 76ers have abundant cap space this summer, with the Clippers now joining that list. Other teams would be able to offer Maggette, who was owed $7 million had he remained with the Clippers, the lesser mid-level exception.

The Clippers have maintained they hope to re-sign Maggette; however, a sign-and-trade deal with him could also be in the team's plans.


Philadelphia has Andre Iguodala and Thad Young [who is a pure 3, despite the fact that he saw time at the 4 in small lineups].  Memphis has O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay.  Maggette has long been a sentimental favorite of Donald Tokowitz, though his relationship with Coach Mike Dunleavy has been tumultuous.   He'd be a useful piece on the wing for a lot of teams, though I don't know that he's worth more than the mid-level to any of them.    

Wherever Maggette ends up, it'll be strange to see him in road colors at a Clippers home game in 08-09. 

No reports on Elton Brand's decision as of yet.