Hey, at least the Clippers didn't show them anything

I'm officially backing the Livingston-Maggette ticket over Cassell-Ross for the starting 1-3 combo.  And the tandems are important to consider because Livingston has become so defensively versatile that the Clips can hide Corey [sort of] on the rotation.  Likewise, Dunleavy can put Q. Ross on the ball and take some pressure off Cassell when they're paired up.  At least I hope so. 

What can we take away from tonight's gum surgery?  Clipper Nation is wired.  They're amped.  Ready to storm the Magic statue and paint its balls red and blue. 




Preseason 1



Preseason 2



Preseason 3



In past years, you could lounge out across four seats, O'Hare flight-delay-style.  Tonight...the pasta bar was open, for fuck's sake!  I waited five minutes at the metal detectors.  Behind me, people were talking - get this - NBA Basketball.  At a Clippers game. 

If I could, I'd discuss the Nuggets.  But with 'Melo and Camby no-shows, there's nothing really to offer.  Yakhouba Diawara is marginally competent.  There.  That's something.

After all the invites, the current 14-man squad looks virtually the same as last season.  TT replaces Vlad.  A. Williams in - Vin Baker out.  As Steve pointed out at ClipsNation, the 15th guy should be a long-range shooter.   Stay tuned.