• According to the Los Angeles Times:

    General Manager Elgin Baylor and Coach Mike Dunleavy declined to comment on their efforts to acquire the four-time scoring champion, but team sources said the Clippers apparently made every player available to Philadelphia except Elton Brand, Chris Kaman and Shaun Livingston.

    In other news, management at the Ritz Carlton in Dallas will offer all hotel amenities to the Clippers on the upcoming road trip except hot water, linens, and roofing. 

  • Speaking of the Times, they've upgraded their Clipper blog, handing the reins over to LAT luminary, Bob Baker.  Baker is a phenomenal writer, longtime Clippers fan, and one of professional journalism's best guardians. What I didn't know was that he's an accomplished songwriter, too. 

  • The indispensable LA Observed recently brought on Jacob Soboroff to blog the local sports scene.  Soboroff truly understands new media and his courtside reports promise to be great stuff.  Check out his interview with the somewhat dispirited "Clipper Darrell." 

  • Correcting yesterday's post, the Clippers will return from Minnesota 14-22 if they play .500 H/R ball through their EST/CST swing.  I'm certain this provides a measure of reassurance for you. 

  • How bad are the Clippers from beyond the arc?  They rank dead last in both 3PM and 3P%.  Consider this: In 3PM, the margin between 29th ranked MIN and the Clips is as wide as the margin between 24th ranked NOOCH and aforementioned MIN.  In 3P%, the Clippers are the league's only team below 30%.