We’ll be blogging throughout the draft, but here are some final thoughts heading in:  

•    I have no earthly idea whom the Clippers will choose with their pick and, judging by the experts who each seem to have the Clips selecting a different player in each of their respective mock drafts, neither does anyone else.  On 570 AM Sunday afternoon, Dunleavy sounded less than enamored with Javaris Crittenton, which makes sense because Crittenton is not a terribly capable player.   Dunleavy had nice things to say about AL IV, but it’s widely assumed that he won’t be around at 14.  I’m certain that Dunleavy likes Julian Wright, and a lot of pundits suggest that Nick Young is on the Clippers’ radar.

Per Draft Express, here are the guys the Clippers worked out:

Renaldas Seibutis
Russell Carter
Daequan Cook
Coby Karl
Dominic McGuire
Thaddeus Young
Marcus Williams
Nick Young
Javaris Crittenton
Acie Law IV
Josh McRoberts
Jason Smith
Yi Jianlian
Nick Fazekas
Zoran Erceg

I have to assume that there are others, but this is the confirmed list.  

•    I’m disappointed that TNT doesn’t have draft night this season, and that we’ll be subject to ESPN, whose NBA coverage has aptly been described by Kelly Dwyer as depressing, lousy, and joyless.  


It’s ironic that in their effort to blitz us with noise and spectacle every second, ESPN’s broadcasts are woefully unentertaining.  TNT has demonstrated what a simple panel, dry wit, and personality can do for a studio show.  Nothing more; nothing less.  

•    Growing up, I despised the Celtics, but watching their fall from grace is depressing.  First Kevin Garnett and now Shawn Marion have bluntly stated that the last place on earth they want to be is on the Boston Celtics’ 2007-2008 roster.  You have to wonder how much of this is Boston’s enduring reputation as an undesirable burg for black people…or maybe it’s Danny Ainge’s enduring reputation as an undesirable general manager for a person of any persuasion.  

•    The Atlanta Hawks have now exceeded any incompetence demonstrated by the Clippers organization over the past 25 years.  They have a golden opportunity to catapult themselves into a solid playoff contender in a weak conference.  Can you imagine balking at acquiring Amare Stoudemire and his very reasonable contract [That’s right. $60M for four years for this juggernaut is completely reasonable]?  What’s their intention?  Drafting Al Horford with the hopes that he’ll develop into someone like…say…Amare Stoudemire??

What a sad state of affairs for the team of my childhood.  I mean, they weren’t an exemplary organization in the late 80s, but they were certainly respectable, with a professional front office and a solid operation top to bottom.  

•    Pretty much everyone with a passing interest in pro basketball has chimed in on the Oden-Durant debate.  All I’ll say is this: Can you think of any team that has made the NBA Finals in recent years and hasn’t been a Top 10 defensive team.  

Me neither.