From the OC Register:

The Clippers' loyal and most recognizable fan, Darrell Bailey, AKA Clipper Darrell, might be taking his enthusiastic, crowd-leading voice to Dallas.

The Register learned Thursday that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has scheduled a meeting with Bailey, Jan. 25, in Dallas.

"He offered me a job in Dallas, to do the same thing I do for the Clippers," said Bailey, whose day job is as an automobile customizer and salesman.  He came up to me at the (Jan. 12) game and told me that he loved what I do. That shocked me." 

Bailey, 39, was born and raised in Los Angeles and said he never has been to Texas. Often standing in the aisle next to his seat, the 5-foot-5 Bailey is known for leading the cheer, "Let's go Clippers," and for his "You don't have no alibi," jeer at opposing free-throw shooters.

"I'm still loyal to the Clippers," Bailey said. "That's my team. But it isn't every day that a billionaire knocks on your door. I have to go out and listen."

Good riddance.  The Clips could clear some cap room [though I urge them not to spend it on the Westside Rentals loon], and rid Staples of his once-endearing, but increasingly tiresome shtick. As I told Abbott this morning, I'd trade Darrell Bailey for a deli spread and three cubic liters of pre-jump-ball talc. 

The interesting question here is: Do the Clippers match?  I'm semi-serious.  If Bailey is worth something tangible to Cuban, then presumably the Clippers' fan experience people place some kind of value on his antics in the 100 level.  He's cheaper than a furry mascot [let that never come to pass at Staples.  Please], and while I think diehards believe that initiating the wave in the fourth quarter is a cardinal sin [present company included], the plebs seem to go for it.

Utah tonight.  It's not a bad matchup for the Clips, though the rebounding battle is a cause for concern.