• The Clips look well-organized and focused on defense. Not sure if that's coaching or just the product of playing together for a sustained period of time and knowing where other guys are on the floor.  Whatever the case, it's reassuring. 
    You know what I'd like to see: some examination of whether the "playing together for a while" factor helps team defense.  I'll look into it. 

  • Since I've established myself as a Cat Apologist coupled with the fact that it's the preseason, I've held off on showering any unsubstantiated praise on C. Mobley.  But hasn't he looked good - particularly off the dribble?   What's most noticeable is that, more than anyone except Cassell, Mobley seems to instinctive understand the offense. He's shooting at a high-percentage and, though he had only one FTA last night, he's been getting to line. 

  • Watching these preseason games you begin to realize that they're not for players of Elton's stature so much as they prepare guys like Shaun for playing with Elton.  Because without EB in the game, how is Shaun going to master the offense -- figuring out how the best shots are going to materialize, understanding where the Clips' offense can exploit mismatches down low, mastering the chemistry with Elton since EB will receive a large plurality of the shots?  10 assists in 36 minutes suggest that Shaun is on it. 

  • Zach Randolph.  Nice player who gets a bad rap.  But he's long and agile and, despite his reputation, seems to make generally smart decisions in the post, has a decent face-up shot, and is a monster on the glass.  He's certainly a 4, but a little bit lazy on the other end against a brutish Brand. Again, it's only the preseason, but the Blazers should be better than they were last season if Randolph is completely healthy.  And gets a Vespa.