So let's review.  We wanted to see...

  • A more aggressive Shaun who makes better decisions. 

  • The Clips doing more off the ball to get Elton some shots, and Elton taking the shots he gets. 

  • Mobley to start doing what we brought him here to do: Hit from beyond. 

  • Stop turning the ball over.

On top of that, the Clippers ripped down 20 offensive rebounds and, overall, beat the Kings on the boards, 56-44.  Honestly, I'm at a loss to find a lot of offensive sequences in which the Clips didn't get the look they wanted.  On the defensive end, I thought the Clippers could've done a better job closing the lane at times, and there were some lapses on weak side rotation, but for the most part, the perimeter rotation was solid, save Corey.  Even Tim Thomas manned up, both on the wing and down low. 

What I'd like to know is if there's a team who's missed 68 field goals in a game this season.  68.  I mean, check this out.  Look at those Xs in the paint.  It looks like that ring 'n' glass bottle scam at the fair. 

Shaun played big.  He used his size and recognized just how vulnerable Bibby is if you take him off the dribble.  He beautifully controlled the flow of the Clippers' offense.  And you could see the nice follow-through on his jump shots.  It's unseemly to find moral victories at this point in this team's development, but we've been up in Shaun's shit all season. Tonight he was fierce. 

I'll say nothing about Maggette's game tonight - neither his shot selection nor his wretched help defense. 

The Clippers will get another chance to win on the road in San Antonio a week from Friday.  Until then, they and Washington (0-7) are the only winless teams away from home - and the Wizz get the Knicks and Philly in the next week.