[4th, :12.2] The appropriate question here: Why is Chris Kaman trapping Hedo Turkgolu 40 feet away from the basket to begin with?  

Clipperblog is a Chris Kaman partisan, but is concerned that on the rare occasion Chris Kaman is a factor in a game’s closing minutes, it’s usually to the detriment of the team.  Just saying; it’s not a healthy pattern for a player’s overall development.  

Apart from the seven blocked shots, this is among the worst defensive efforts of the season.  Those two big 3PM by Orlando late? 

•    [4th, 3:03]  The Clips trail by only one.  The Magic runs a high S/R for Turkoglu and Howard.   Rashard Lewis is being guarded by Tim Thomas down in the right corner.   Off Dwight Howard’s screen, Turkoglu keeps the ball, driving to his right along the arc.  But the Clips trap.  They actually trap, leaving Howard to dive to the low right block.  Someone has to pick him up and Thomas is the closest man there.  So Thomas moves off Lewis momentarily to pick up the diving Howard.   The second he does, Turkoglu dishes the rock to Lewis in the corner.  
This is what he does.  3PM.  Orlando by four.

•    [4th, 1:57]  Mirror play.  Turkoglu and Howard High S/R, this time on the left side [It must be nice to be able to work a S/R with two guys over 6’ 10”].  Jameer Nelson is in the left corner.  Kaman picks up the left-driving Turkoglu off the switch, but Knight leaves Nelson to collapse as well.  Turkoglu passes it off to Nelson for the open 3PFG.

Orlando by five.

Nothing fancy.  Overload the ball side.  Then work a S/R and hope the opponent will send help from the corner, thereby freeing up the shooter.   

We didn’t see Guillermo Diaz tonight due to some procedural snafu, but should expect him against Dallas.  He’s entertaining, and I’m at the point in a lottery season when that’s an attribute I appreciate more than nominally.