Clipperblog doesn't have any sprawling, holistic conclusions about this one.  CB spent most of the day in flight, but there's nothing like something familiar to reorient the weary.  And for the 17th time this season, the Clippers dropped a road game. 

  • The Clips finished the game with a 5-32 stretch from the field [until Davis hit a layup with :07 left]. 

  • I'm curious to know if any other team has surrendered more than 19 offensive rebounds in a game this season.  Clipperblog desperately needs a statistician, but 19 can't be far off.  Oddly, the Clippers are the league's 4th best team in protecting the defensive glass.  Exhaustion?

    Kaman is somewhat at fault, but one of the trends I saw was that the Cleveland penetration forced Kaman to leave Z. to help under the basket, allowing Ilkauskas to take control of the weak side glass.  Still, four rebounds in 29 minutes for Chris is inexcusable. 

  • Anyone else notice that Elton has reverted to that deliberate, half-ball-fake, awkward motion on his face-up jumper?  His 8-23 night was his second-lowest output of the year, with the exception of that early-season 4-15 game at Sacramento.  He hadn't missed 15 shots in a game since April 11, 2004.   He had four of his shots blocked [one by Eric Snow], and missed a good number of layups.  And, once again, he couldn't work himself to the line -- only 5 FTA against 23 FGA, not what you want from your horse. 

  • Another great night for Shaun.  The shot chart is interesting: No shots beyond 17, 3-6 from 16 & 17 feet - most of which were open shots generated by his quick first step.  His driving dunks against New York on Wednesday night elicited ooos and ahhhs from the Garden faithful, and last night he did what a 6'7" PG needs to do on the glass: Three ORB, and seven total.  His perimeter defense was stellar, as was his weak side help, leaving Hughes only when he was sufficiently out of the play.