That’s right.  I said it.

He’s still  weird.  And achingly earnest.  And oleaginous.  And he still needs to clip his remarks after a nice play so that he doesn’t drone on into the next possession.  But once you get past all that, the fact is that Smith has had a solid season as the Clips’ color man alongside Ralph Lawler.  He understands the game, and he’s gotten very good at imparting that knowledge.  Watching a fluid Chicago offensive set on a recent road trip, Smith instantly drew a clever on-the-spot comparison between the Bulls’ score that resulted from a Hinrich drive off a split to a scheme Jerry Sloan likes to run in Utah in the flex with a quick entry pass into the post, followed by a baseline cross-screen coupled with a similar split.  Mike has been a big proponent of Elton working more off the dribble, and has noticed that the Clips’ recent improvement can largely be attributed to better D on the S/R, and the off-the-ball work by Maggette. 

So wade through the syrupiness – which he’s moderated somewhat – and you can learn a fair amount about what’s going on from Mike Smith.  For this reason, Clipperblog gives its 2006-2007 M. I. P. Award to Michael Smith.