Someone named Adam Lundquist managed to probe the extraterristial origins of Sam Cassell.  Cassell does a nice job of gently conveying to Lundquist that he's, quite possibly, the most obnoxious person to ever hold a microphone. 

Andrew Kamenetzky does a far nicer job here in SportsHub L.A. chatting up Sam.  If you haven't visited the site -- a new enterprise from Brothers Kamenetzky -- you should make it one of your first stops of the day.  Clipperblog will be making regular contributions once he addresses the dire caffeine issue that the new job is precipitating.   

No, I didn't go to the game last night.  I just couldn't.  I don't mean that it was logistically impossible.  Between the Red Sox-Indians game on the tube, sheer exhaustion from a new 6am-4pm job, a warning from the team that a Dixie Chicks concert across the street would complicate the parking situation, I couldn't justify the effort.  I've made my distaste for preseason basketball a known quantity here in Clipperblog, and that hasn't changed.  

The good news is that the quality of preseason games tends to compound as we near the start of the season.  I'll be at both games next week at Staples and will have a qualitative take on Al Thornton, Chris Kaman's wherewithal, and the improbable ascent of Guillermo Diaz.