Regular readers of Clipperblog know that it has rarely uttered an unkind word about Shaun Livingston.  Like most close observers of the Clips, we've alluded to our wanting Shaun to improve his outside shooting, but overall, we've preached patience. 

Having said that, at some point in the near future, Shaun needs to meet expectations.  Sure, PGs tend to take a little longer to develop into full-fledged NBA stars; Clipperblog will concede that.  But it's also posing the question, "at what point is it fair to expect Shaun to produce like a solid NBA player?"

This much we know: Shaun was given an opportunity in training camp to win the starting job, and even got the nod for the opener at PHX.  Yes, he spent much of his 100 games in the league hurt, but whether it's basketball, baseball, or football, my belief is that athletic durability isn't just this incidental factor.  If Robert Traylor lands on your foot, that's one thing.  But overall, durability must be factored into a player's overall value. 

2004 Draftee under the age of 21 * 05-06 PER 06-07 PER
Shaun Livingston 10.26 10.71
Dwight Howard 19.37 20.13
Luol Deng 15.86 22.62
Andre Iguodala 14.86 17.68
Andris Biendris 13.69 21.48
Robert Swift 12.75 Hurt
Sebastian Telfair 13.02 13.69
Kris Humphries  9.54 10.31
Al Jefferson 16.23 14.92
Josh Smith 15.63 15.68
J.R. Smith 12.77 15.16
Dorrell Wright DNP DNP
Pavel Podkozine DNP DNP
Sergei Monia  6.19 DNP
*At the time of draft; first round picks only

Again, this isn't an indictment of Shaun, but I believe it's fair to open this up for discussion. At what point is it reasonable to say, "Anytime you're ready, Shaun"?  If Shaun turns in a 12-ish PER this season and another team throws a ton of money at him, should the Clippers match at any expense? 

The elephant may not be in the room, but he's definitely in the building.