I'm sitting here with Justin between games and we just heard about Herb Sendek bolting N.C. State for Arizona State.  Justin and I are both huge ACC guys - he's a Duke grad and I'm an Atlanta kid who grew up going to Tech games and with a grandfather who went to Duke.  This means you'll have to endure occasional ACC content. 

The news prompted a fun parlor game: "Who will State hire?"   And Justin nailed it:

John Calipari. 

If you think about it for two seconds, it makes perfect sense.  The whole Valvano thing.  The prestige that would come with elevating State to the level of Duke and UNC, putting an end to State's being the ugly stepsister among the Triangle's basketball programs.  You can already see the GQ photo spread with Krzyzewski, Williams and Calipari - the Delphi at Tobacco Road, the great Sanhedrin of college basketball. 

Justin thinks that Davidson coach Bob McKillop would be a natural choice if they want to go the well-regarded-small-conference-guy-from-instate-who-knows-the-backroads (read: cheaper) route. 

The curious detail here is the report that Sendek was getting increasingly bent about the flak he was taking in Raleigh and that this was a primary motivation in making the move.  Justin notes that the good news for Pack fans is that immediately following Bill Frieder's departure from Ann Arbor to Tempe, Michigan won a national championship