Disappointing news [hat tip to reader Q. D.]: Matt Pinto has moved on to Seattle to serve as the radio voice of the Sonics.  

Pinto was a superlative play-by-play man for the Clippers.  Holding down a one-man booth for 82 games is no easy task and Pinto is seamless in infusing the narrative with objective commentary that's neither homer-ish or hyperbolic.  Pinto identified with the Clipper fan but never bowed to the obsequious style that too many announcers display.  It's easy to be a homer, but the job of an announcer is not to feed into the hysterics of the average fan, but to moderate them.  Pinto's fluent and confident grasp of the professional game and his mellifluous – but not oily – voice will be sorely missed.  

No word yet on Pinto’s replacement.