Some primary and peripheral concerns coming off a wretched week of preseason losses to PHX, Portland, and Denver:

  • Per Lisa Dillman at the LAT, Marcus Camby is looking less probable as an opening night starter against the Lakers:

    It may be more of a surprise if Marcus Camby is actually available for the season opener Wednesday. Instead of going up against his former teammates from Denver, he received a pain-killing shot for his bruised right heel. Camby said in the hallway before the game that he thought he would get the shot at halftime. "He's the one I'm thinking is potentially not available," Dunleavy said of the three injured Clippers...The flu and the injury limited Camby to about three days of practice. Dunleavy was asked what he needed to see from Camby before he could take the next step, so to speak. "See him get down the floor without limping," he said. "It'd be a start."

    If Marcus Camby is a no-show Wednesday, don't expect things to improve for Chris Kaman, who's had -- to put it kindly -- a choppy preseason.  Opponents need to have a reason not to send help down to the block to defend Chris.  Marcus Camby at the elbow is one reason.  Tim Thomas along the perimeter is another.  But neither Brian Skinner nor Paul Davis provide that kind of insurance for Chris in the post. 

  • Jason Hart gives you a lot defensively, but I'm not certain that Mike Taylor doesn't give the Clips a better chance to win with the second unit.  Taylor is hitting 57% of his shots from the floor -- largely a product of his getting to the hole with ease.  His range has been a pleasant surprise, and last night he went 2-2 in 3PAs.  The one consideration you have to factor with Hart is whether those premium defensive skills against opposing backup PGs offset the fact that he can't throw it into the ocean.  I'm not certain they do. 

    Taylor, on the other hand, needs to learn to protect the ball -- something Hart does with care.

  • Both DeAndre Jordan and his husky puppy Maximus have a tendency to do things on the floor they shouldn't.  Jordan reports in his decidedly readable blog that Maximus "go use the bathroom outside, then he'll come back inside and use my floor, too! He's crazy."   That last rejoinder seems a fairly apt description of Jordan, as well, who racked up his second techincal of the preseason after kvetching to the officials and barking at Nene after Jordan threw down a dunk. 

    To his credit, Jordan kept the Clips in the rebounding battle.  He collected 10 in 25 minutes.

    A good morsel from Jordan's most recent entry: "A fan named Marc asked me why Eric Gordon always looks so upset. He's not upset. He's just real quiet. That's how he looks most of the time. Sometimes you crack a joke and you might... you might get him to do a half smile. No teeth though. That's it."