• I love when teams draft for defense. Other than "project centers," anyone can score; though - granted - not everyone can create his own shot. But defense doesn't slump and there isn't an elite team in the league that doesn't have both a frontcourt and perimeter defender. Even Phoenix, with all the talk of their not playing D, has Diaw and Marion. This is why Williams, Roy and Carney are solid picks.

  • Both Justin (who had to go up to the Egyptian for some function) and I saw Renaldo Balkman live at the Great Alaska Shootout last Thanksgiving weekend.  Balkman had a nice game against Marquette, but seemed to find himself out of position on the floor constantly -- which is a product of not having a position.  He turned the ball over eight times against eight assists and was in foul trouble throughout the invitational.  It's a lousy pick for the Knicks who, unless they're wed to Nate Robinson, could've used Marcus Williams.  Watching Balkman for a full week from the fifth row in Anchorage, there was nothing that screamed NBA career, even though he shot at a high percentage against the likes of Alaska-Anchorage and Monmouth.