...at least according to this box score in a summer league loss against Golden State.  The good news for Jumpin' James is that he led all scores with 21, shot 8-12 from the field, grabbed 12 rebounds and blocked 3 shots.  Daniel Ewing is getting serious minutes - 32 against Golden State, then another 30 the next night vs. the C's.  He shot 9-14 against Boston.

Problem:  In two games, the Clips turned the ball over 50 times.  Yeah, it's summer league - but GS & BOS combined for only 34. Shaun alone racked up 8 against GS. 

Dark horses getting big minutes? Scott Merritt, formerly of Marquette. As the starting center on that Final Four team with D-Wade, he put together a nice tournament as a junior.  There doesn't appear to be a helluva lot of room for a 6'10" forward in the frontcourt - especially once the Clippers sign Paul Davis.  But he and UNC's Jawad Williams are clearly getting a look.  For the record, Williams was unimpressed with Danny Granger during last summer's workouts.