• Reggie Miller showers the Clippers with some love. From the Associated Press:

    I thought I would never say this, but [Los Angeles] is slowly becoming a Clipper town," said Miller, a former Indiana Pacers star. "My biggest question is, will they be content? Will complacency seep is? Now when they go on the road, the Clippers are starting to sell out.  It's not the Clippers of old that were pushovers.  Teams will be getting up for the Clippers."

    Nothing we haven't heard before, but it's nice to see it in the Gray Lady's online edition

  • Clipperblog joins Skeets & Tas for their Pacific Division preview.  We discuss Elton Brand and Werner Herzog's recent collaboration, among other things.

  • Both Vegas.com and Bodog.com have the Clippers as 20/1 to win the NBA Championship.  Interestingly, Bodog has as a curious proposition:

    Will Mike Dunleavy be the coach of the LA Clippers at the start of the 2007-08 Season

    Yes -160 [$16 to win $10]
    No +120 [$10 to win $12]

  • Indulge me with a rant, if you would:

    For the most part, I think the folks at Staples Center do a nice job, particularly Camron who does yeoman's work holding down ushering duties at Aisle 318.  But I'm getting tired of haggling with the security drones at the metal detector about my Asian Pears on the way in.

    Look.  I enjoy a ballpark frank as much as the next fan, and I certainly indulge at Staples now and then. But when you attend 85 pro sports events a year, you're going to blow up like Shawn Kemp if you eat stadium concessions every night.  This is why I usually tote a couple of pieces of fruit to Clips games.  Later in the season when the weather is cool, it's never a problem smuggling a load of tangerines in my coat pockets [though I resent the fact that I have to].  But Octobers are warm in Los Angeles and it's difficult to hide a bulge of produce without looking like you've got elephantitis.

    So Wednesday night, wearing only my patented t-shirt over a long-sleeved thermal tee, I decided not to insult the intelligence of the keys-and-change droids at the metal detectors and just stuck my fruit on the table with my other crap.  Naturally, aforementioned droid (who's 5'6" and pushing 200 pounds) told me "you can't bring that in here."  At which point, I asked him, fully knowing the answer, to direct me to the concession that sells fresh fruit.  He reiterated that I couldn't bring my .75 cents worth of produce inside, at which point I became Michael Douglas at the Mickey-Dees in Falling Down and basically told him to worry about radiological dispersal devices and liquid gels, rather than a yuppie carrying the Central Valley's finest edibles. 

    Clipperblog -- post-Asian pearFortunately, a security supervisor overheard the commotion, came over and assured the Master of the Plastic Bowl that a couple pears didn't present a security risk.  I thanked her.

    I get that Staples and DTS don't want me to smuggle in an Italian sub, lest they not be able to charge me $25 for a Jody Maroni sausage.  And I respect their entrepreneurial spirit.  But until the day they offer something at concessions that's not going to require an angioplasty, I reserve the right to brownbag it with something that...uh...grows.

    [Above: Clipperblog post-Asian pear]

    Meanwhile, the country will continue to wring its collective hands, moaning between bites of their triple cheeseburgers that we've become a nation of lard-asses.