We don’t really deserve to make the playoffs.  I think that’s fairly clear.  If we should luckbox our way into the 8th seed I will be rooting as hard as any Clipper fan, but I know, and you know, it wasn’t heart but happenstance that got us to the post-season.

I don’t have a lot to say.  There were obviously a lot of things that went wrong in the 1st half (the word “traumatic” springs to mind) but at the end of the day, we fell behind 21 points, in the first-half, to a Sacramento team that just got rolled by Golden State. Perhaps there is some “Norcal” camaraderie that played in the Warriors favor, but that does not excuse our sloppiness and the lack of urgency that is absolutely, 100% necessary to win a must-win game in the NBA.

It’s a shame because this team seemed to be hitting its stride with Maggette playing on a level we haven’t seen from him… but then again, how many times has that phrase been uttered by Clipper fans this season – “think the team is hitting its stride”. 

Road win in January against Timberwolves, every Sam Cassell reinsertion, Kaman’s late season resurgence… most recently (and notably) a stunning, dramatic, come-from-behind win against our cross-town rivals.  Guess even that wasn’t enough to propel this team to greater heights.   

Today was perfectly emblematic of this season so I’m not surprised just… once again, disappointed.